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Welcome To Manzini Youth Care, Salesians Of Don Bosco
The Salesians in Swaziland have been involved in a wide range of activities ranging from establishment and management of the Salesian schools...


Donate with us Manzini Youth Care so we can continue helping the youth in our homes.


Donate with us Manzini Youth Care so we can continue helping the youth in our homes.

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About us

Manzini Youth Care provides holistic Christian care in meeting the basic needs of food, shelter, education, training and life skills to marginalized young people at risk through poverty. Guided by Salesian values of reasonableness and kindness, Manzini Youth Care supports young people in their spiritual and social development.

Our Name Of Origin

From their initial management of the Salesian schools, the Salesians involvement in the community has expanded over the years. The major Salesian project has been that of Manzini Youth Care, but there are other important activities such as their pastoral and chaplaincy work. The Salesians are chaplains at the University of Swaziland and Waterford School, as well as for the Portuguese Catholic community. Salesians travel around the country providing mass for the catholic communities in more remote locations without permanent parish priests as well as sharing in the provision of services at the country’s cathedral.

Eco-Ubuntu project

The overarching objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable strengthening of an environmentally friendly life and to the improvement of the well-being of young people and their families in 6 locations has been made: Lesotho( Maputsoe & Maseru), Eswatini (Malkerns, Manzini) and RSA (Johannesburg, Delft, Cape Town).The specific project goal is to aim over 15,000 children, youths and young adults from Salesian schools and their surroundings use their acquired knowledge and skills from the programme and can contribute to improved livelihoods and environmentally sustainable practices in their communities. The scope of the Eco-Ubuntu project is premised on five priority thematic pillars which include Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Hydroponics, Sustainable Cultivation and Water Supply.

Upgrading classes

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Upgrade and get the best mathematics marks by enrolling at Bosco Study Center and become the best leaner.


We have the best teachers that can help you obtain the best marks and get you the best science courses in the best universities.

Physical Science

Donate with us Manzini Youth Care so we can continue helping the youth in our homes.


Our Achievements and Services

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Prosperity In Farming

Our agriculture training center at Mzimphofu known as BYAC offers the best agricultural training skills. We offer training skills such as beekeeping, horticulture and pigs farming.


Bosco Study Center, an upgrading center located at Manzini Youth Care’s Head office, offers Form 3 and Form 5 a chance to upgrade their fairly performed subjects.

Social Welfare

The Social Welfare office is responsible for all of Manzini Youth Care’s residential homes among other things. It is an office that has absolute control of the youth responsibilities.

Residential Homes

Manzini Youth Care runs four residential homes where we keep marginalized children( youth) and provide them with their basic needs.

Life Skills Package

Manzini Youth Care also host workshops where we predominantly invite motivational speakers and mentors to motivate the youth (Bosco Study Center and residential homes).

Our projects

Manzini Youth Care has been involved in a number of projects since the day it was announced as an active Non-Governmental Organization. We have three main categories that we use to categories our projects which is the Social Welfare, MYC homes and MYC skill centers. From this three categories we have sub categories namely the Agriculture category, Education, Maintenance. This is merely done to carefully and fully maintain the organization.

MYC Homes
MYC Training Centres

Sports and Talents

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Upcoming Events

Eco-Ubuntu Sports Day

DATE : 05 June 2024

VENUE : Malkerns

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