Bridging School

With poverty showing no signs of abating in Swaziland, the demand on MYC’s free primary school has continued to grow. Too old for their grades in mainstream schools and unable to pay the costly school fees, the Bridging School, which was founded in 1980,  offers children over ten years old the opportunity to fast-track through the primary school system.

In 2008 MYC started a project funded by ELMA Philanthropies to improve the standard and quality of education at the Bridging School, the Pre School Teacher Trainer Centre and the Sandrini Centre. The objective of the programme is to train teachers to make teaching more fun and interactive and to build their capacity in teaching mathematics and English.

In 2012 there are about 250 pupils between 10 and 18 years in the seven grades. Eight teachers take care of their education. Head teacher Mr. Shabangu, has been running  the school since 1999.