Enjabulweni Community Garden

The Enjabulweni School’s Garden is a project of Enjabulweni Primary School. Every day a class works for an hour and a half in the vegetable garden, maintaining the plot which is located in the school grounds.

The pupils work hard to maintain the garden. They plant new seedlings, water the plants, weed the beds, harvest vegetables and make compost. The Schools Garden, named ‘Green Land’ show the pupils that food isn’t only found in the supermarket, but grows from the ground. It is also important in supplementing the children’s diet, as they get to grow, then eat the harvest which includes tomatoes, cabbages, spinach, onions, green pepper and beetroot.

There are lots of things to do, including securing the chicken coop, preparing new beds for planting more fresh food, and painting the wall that borders the garden with pictures of vegetables and the name ‘Green Land.’