Bosco Youth Self Employment Programme (BYSEP)

The vast majority of children in Swaziland are never able to complete their secondary education or even primary education. BYSEP, set up in 1993, targets young marginalised people that dropped out of primary or secondary school education. The majority of these youths are left with no form of academic qualification, come from poor backgrounds and are unable to find employment. The Programme offers a wide range of vocational courses: metal work, carpentry, catering, sewing, electrical and plumbing. These are one year full-time courses with a strong emphasis on practical training. In consideration of students’ backgrounds, the course fees are only a quarter of the price usually charged outside the center. At the end of the course, students who have shown exceptional talent are examined for the government approved Trade Test Certificate, providing them with commonly acknowledged accreditation and insuring they work for a certain minimum wage.