Bosco Youth Hall

1991: The Bosco Recreation Centre was completed. This large venue, comprising a sports hall, canteen, function hall and a games room is available as entertainment and sports facilities for the youth of Manzini and provides an important alternative to ‘hanging out’ on the streets. Activities include pool tables, soccer tables, table tennis, TV games and videos, basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer. The hall is also rented out for competitions, meetings, weddings and other functions which enables some income generation for MYC. Approximately 250 children attend the Centre each week including high school students using the facilities during their lunch break. Also primary school children are coming for after school activities such as indoor soccer, table tennis, badminton and games. The venue enables street children to mix with other children enabling a degree of social interaction which helps to break down social barriers and stigmatisation. There is also a full weekend schedule of games, prayer, singing, catechism, and videos attended by approximately 300 children.