Music Class

The Music School is part of the MYC Music Programme at Enjabulweni Primary School, taught by Thembela Ngwenya and assisted by an International Volunteer. From Monday to Thursday students from Grades 3 to 6 get taught at the Music School. Each class gets one lesson per week.

In 2012 the Music room was renovated with help from the MYC boys, and thanks to funding received from the Bonn Mission. There is a new curriculum developed by Thembela and former German Volunteer Marius Heimlich which incorporates practical learning, and theoretical training, and a brand new music room which is helping build up the programme. The Music Room gives the children a chance to be creative, and open their minds to new subjects not part of their usual curriculum. They learn different songs with Traditional, Roman Catholic and Modern backgrounds, get the knowledge to build their own instruments, and learn the basics of music theory. The new music school reflects the spirit of Don Giovanni Bosco at Enjabulweni Primary School. The students have an environment in which to explore their creativity. Music can help the children to open their minds, and, for a short time per week, helps them forget the challenging, and difficult situations they have had to deal with in their lives.

The aim is for the pupils to gain a basic knowledge of music, so when they leave Enjabulweni Primary School they can pursue it at High School.