Though partnering with influential international donors, Manzini Youth Care’s core activities are sustained on the basis of enthusiasm and financial support of individuals. Our close relationships with international schools, former volunteers, volunteer groups and visitors are of vital importance to the sustainability of Manzini Youth Care’s work.

Our network of private donors extends from Ireland, the U.K., continental Europe, Australia to South America and the United States. As a private donor, you will always receive a special thank you letter and an honourary statement in our quarterly newsletters and annual report.

Are you interested in joining MYC’s network?

You can start by joining Manzini Youth Care’s new facebook group and tell friends, colleagues and family about our work. By doing that, you help ‘sell’ Manzini Youth Care, which will help us to attract volunteers and funding.

A private donation will always be cherished and highly appreciated. You can indicate how you wish your donation to be used.

  • Average costs for Enjabulweni Study Centre child is 5 Euros/month.  In 2012 we had 280 students.
  • Neighbourhood Care Points estimated costs is 900 Euros/month.
  • Residential Homes and McCorkindale Orphanage estimated costs is 20 Euros per child per month.  The donation will contribute to the purchase of food, clothes, toiletries, handigas and bills.
  • Example:
    Your donation will contribute to the operation of the MYC Enjabulweni Primary School. The school is open to MYC residents and poor children in the surrounding neighborhoods. Enjabulweni receives no government support. The school also serves as the centre for the MYC Bridging school, the Sandrini Center and pre-school teacher training. It costs an average of €5 per month for each child to attend this specialised school. In 2012 there were 280 students.


If you have any questions, don’t be shy to contact us!

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Account Name: Manzini Youth Care
Account Number: 040000014558
Branch Number: 360264