Ngwane Park Home

MYC in partnership with Hosea’s Heart will re-open a home for ‘at risk’ girls in Manzini, to prevent the increase of abuse, child trafficking and prostitution. The home which is dedicated to supporting vulnerable girls is based in Ngwane Park. The home provides care and support for girls between the ages of 8-18 years old, and is accommodating 16 girls, with an extra room for emergency cases.

In 2007, UNICEF conducted a national survey of Swaziland that found one in three females experienced some form of sexual violence as a child. This home, whose name Litsemba Lemphilo means ‘Hope for Life,’ will help provide the necessary facilities in Manzini to help address the needs of these vulnerable girls.

Hosea’s Heart is a non-profit organisation from America co-founded in 2011 by former MYC volunteer Mary-Kate Martin, she saw a real need to help girls living on the streets and decided to set up an NPO helping girls at risk of entering prostitution, whether that be from being abused or living on the streets. Hosea’s Heart comes from the book of Hosea in the bible, where Hosea, a prophet, is called by God to marry a prostitute. The prostitute keeps leaving him but he continues to go after her. It’s a reflection of how God loves us. We want to show these girls the love in which we will never give up on them despite their past.

For more Information about Hosea’s Heart visit their website: