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  1. Good Morning Fr. Larry,

    I have just read the latest news letter about the continued wonderful work you are undertaking in various areas of Swaziland. I amazed at your stamina, because I know that you are in advancing years.

    It is quite some years since we as a family visited Swaziland and briefly met with you. It has encouraged us to try and re visit South Africa and of course, Swaziland. The other reason for this letter is to re advise you of the work I undertake in sending second hand goods to Africa, Kenya in the first instance where we support bush schools and clinics, but I would also tell you that we would like to help you inland around Manzini if at all possible. I am able to select very good quality second hand educational equipment ( free of charge) from old school buildings here in West Sussex in particular as they are replaced with brand new buildings and equipment. Sometimes I get support for shipping a forty foot long container to the port of either Mombasa or the inland port of Embakazi which boarders the international airport in Nairobi. The goods I can generally collect will include many ( hundreds ) of plastic stacking chairs, tables, filing cabinets, desks, text books,games equipment, and sometimes machines scubas planers, circular saws, brazing equipment and also computers and televisions. There is also the opportunity to collect cookers,food mixers and sewing machines.

    If this is a feasible possibility, the only drawback is the funding to ship the container to its destination. You are probably looking at something like U.K.£5,000.00

    Should this suggestion be of any use to you please let me know as I would love to be able to help in your mission among some of the poorest people in the world.

    Every good wish to you and to any other of the Fathers who may remember us.



    Alan Moody.

    • Good Afternoon Mr Moody
      Thank you very much for your email and your proposal. It seems very promising. I’ve forwarded your email onto our development officers who should get back to you very soon.
      Best wishes
      Johnny Singleton
      MYC Volunteer

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