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April 2016
The newsletter for January to March is now available in our News menu. Additional news updates on Imvelo Eswantini, The Residential Homes and Academic News is available underneath the link.

March 2016
Refurbishments of Zakele Girls home has now been completed. 10 cubicles have been fitted in to give each of the girls their own small bedroom and more importantly private space. Photos will be available soon

February 2016
The refurbishment of Zakele Girls home is well under way. A new floor has been fitted, The roof has been repaired, Walls have been painted and cubicles are currently being fitted. The refurbishment is scheduled to finish very soon. Photos are available in the gallery

February 2016
On the 14th of this Month MYC workers and volunteers headed out into the Lubombo region of Swaziland to distribute rice and clothes. The Lumombo region has been the most affected area in Swaziland with this terrible drought that has currently set itself up over Southern Africa. The locals are in serious distress as the ground is currently too dry to plant any crops and with the rainy season coming to an end it’s hard for them to know when the time might come for replanting again. With agriculture being the only source of income in these areas this is a time of serious distress for locals. 551 box’s of Rice where distributed with each box containing 36 bags and one bag able to feed a full grown man for 2 meals. Some clothes where also handed out to those that where in serious need. Photos are available in the gallery
February 2016
Eoin Hickey an Irish volunteer joined us on the 3rd of this month. He is volunteering his skills as an agricultural specialist and will be working on the BYAC project next to McCorkindales. He’s a great addition to the MYC team and we’re very much looking forward to working with him in the future.
January 2016
Last weekend the staff and volunteers of MYC together with Gi Gi, organised a huge rice and clothes distribution in Emsutaneni Kuphukaname, Mjoliliki Carepoint and Mjoli ka Gogo. Due to the lack of rain and the failure of the crops, the people in these communities are starving.
We were also able to hand out some beautiful clothing to the children thanks to a donation from ‘Stop Hunger’. We want to thank everyone for the donations and the hard work on Sunday 31th January. Photos of this event can be found on the websites gallery.


January 2016,
MYC offices reopened¬†on the 12th of January with all staff coming back to work refreshed after a lovely Summer Holiday. Kids began slowly returning to the homes afterwards with everybody gearing up to the start of school on the 26th. MYC also welcomed Evelyne Willems, Louize Bruning and Liesbeth Verlaak to it’s volunteer force. These 3 Belgian Volunteers will be volunteering their services as social workers to help MYC’s Social Welfare Department.
October 2015,
The marimbaband of MYC had the opportunity to perform on a gala dinner hosted by East3route. This is a development initiative between 3 countries: Swaziland, South-Africa and Mozambique. The band played their set during the reception of the event. The guests loved their performance!

September 2015,
In September MYC greeted the arrival of 17 new volunteers. From Belgium we have Daniela Pittomvils, Lore Janssen, Sarah Opdekamp and Sophie Geuens. From the UK Amelia Revill-Hayward , Freya Woodward , Johnny Singleton , Joanna Coulson , Lauren Angus and Matthew Hamer arrived. From Finland we welcomed Merja Huuhka, Mirjam Skarp and Ville Lappalainen. At last from the Netherland we have Dorien Lijnzaad, Kayla Zegers, Kimberly Taco and Melanie Huisman. The volunteers will be here for 3, 6 or 12 months. They will get involved in all aspects of MYC projects including teaching, sports, social welfare, evening studies at the homes and other activities. MYC is happy to welcome them all!

September 2015,
Many congratulations to past MYC volunteer, Christopher Hopton, from London, UK who has successfully completed the Bosporus river cross continental swim race in Turkey. The river lies between the continents of Europe and Asia. Chris undertook this feat as a fundraising venture on behalf of our marginalized youth at MYC. Niyabonga Kakhulu bhuti Chris! (thanks, brother!)
August 2015,
At Enjabulweni, the final year primary grade pupils moved into their own rooms. The new rooms were created by dividing the old bedroom into different cubicles. As a result, they all got their own little private space with a bed and a locker. Thanks to Don Bosco Mondo, Bonn; Alex Winkler, Austria; Fr Larry & MYC volunteers for their support on this badly needed accommodation upgrade.